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Get Involved!

The LostCityofTrellech project is always on the look out for more willing volunteers. There is so much that we can to discover, we just need more manpower.

If you think that this is something you would like to try, then please get in touch. Any age or ability, everyone is welcome. You are more than welcome to come down and try it out. Who knows you might fall in love with Archaeology!

Local Volunteers: We make no charge for local individuals or families to join us. We are their on site on some weekends mainly during April to October but also on other days throughout the year including everyday during our Annual Dig. We are always looking for new people to join so please get in touch.

Students: Those looking to get experience of being an archaeologist or are required to get experience for work or as part of their educational course, we have two main options. We run Archaeological Experience Days that can be purchased through this website starting at £50 per person with discounts for groups. They give you a brief concentrated but fun insight into the world of archaeology over a one day course.

Alternatively we run an Annual Dig every year from mid July to mid August. The cost is £50 per person and includes camping with £4 per day per person thereafter. Here you will gain a more rounded experience of archaeology from drawing, recording, excavating and processing methods to name but a few. 

School groups: are encouraged to visit and join in the excavations. There is no charge for educational groups but donations are welcome to help fund the excavations.

Everybody Else: If you would like a fun adventure day then the Experience Days are for you. If you have more time then you might consider joining us on the Annual Dig. The cost for either option starts from £50 with discounts for groups. We welcome everybody. No experience is necessary and there are no age restrictions. 


So, if you fancy giving us a helping hand, please fill out the form below: