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  • Trellech 2016 ~ Annual Excavation ~ Saturday 16th July to Sunday 14th August 2016

Trellech 2016 ~ Annual Excavation

Trellech, now a small village, was once the largest mediaeval city in Wales and at the time approximately ¼ the size of London. For sometime there has been argument about the location of the nearly 400 burgages, (houses) recorded in history. Excavation over the last ten years has brought to light a fortified moated manor house, an industrial quarter alongside and other additional buildings in one small part of my field along with indications of numerous other buildings throughout the rest of the field and the neighbouring area.

Last year we concentrated on the rear areas of the manor house including the courtyard and kitchen and this year we wish to further expand on those excavations.

Close to the surface and well preserved, the quality of the structures along with the artefacts found, suggests that these buildings were of some importance. Further excavation of all of the buildings should provide a better understanding of what they were used for, by whom and when and the well should provide further waterlogged material such as wood, leather and environmental data.

This is an ongoing excavation to examine the scale and nature of the mediaeval city of Trellech and it is expected to carry on for many more years.

Start at 10am on Saturday 16th July to Sunday 14th August 2016, inclusive.

Trellech: It is best reached by going first to Monmouth that is on the A40 dual carriage way in South Wales. From Monmouth follow the B4293 for about 6 miles in the direction of Chepstow. When arriving at Trellech, go through the village and leave taking the middle road up the hill, south, in the direction of Catbrook. Additionally there is also a train station at Chepstow and Newport. I can pick you up from there or alternatively there are bus services available. The Monmouth tourist information office has details of bus timetables and can be contacted on (01600) 713 899.

The site: It is located a few hundred meters directly south of the present village at (SO 5020 0500). In the first field on the left after passing the speed limit signs, on the east side of the Catbrook road and next to Tinkers Lane. Cars can be parked along the side of the road and also on the wide verge.

Working times: Morning meeting on site at 9.30. Work starts at 10am till 1pm. Lunch 1pm to 2pm. Wok starts again at 2pm till 5pm. The day maybe longer or shorter than this depending on factors such as weather and archaeological discoveries. People are welcome to have other breaks if they think they need it and especially in hot weather.

Amenities: There are two toilets on site along with a full sized solar shower, standpipes with drinkable water and two washing areas with sinks, all free to use. In addition we now have a gas powered shower with guarrented hot water that proved very popular last year and is a great improvement when the weather is not sunny. Lemonade, orange squash and biscuits will be available for refreshments but you are advised to bring your own lunches or there is a pub in the village. A new shop opened in the village last year where sandwiches and essential supplies can be bought.

Equipment: Trowels, hand shovels, kneeling mats, buckets, brushes, shovels and wheelbarrows are available for your use. Gloves are available but it is best if you bring your own. If you do bring your own equipment make sure it is clearly marked. There will be sun cream on site but you may want to bring your own. This is important as the site is exposed to the sun; do not forget to put it on.

Accommodation: Camping on site is available. Amenities available as described above. Alternatively, if camping is not your style, there are plenty of other options to stay in the local area. There are a number of hotels and B&Bs close to the site, to find out more visit the Accommodation page.

Cost: £50 for the first week (7 days) then £4 per person per day thereafter. The cost includes induction, insurance and camping fees. For those not camping they will still be charged the same rate, so that those that are camping effectively get their accommodation for free. This also means that everyone who works on site effectively pay their fair share of the costs.

Discounts: For volunteers that are coming back for their third year or more the cost is £50 for the whole dig.


Your participation is welcomed for all or part of the time.

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