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The Lost City of Trellech has made an appearance on a number of tv shows.

BBC 4 - Digging for Britain (West) Series, 9pm Thursday 10th March 2016

Showing work that was carried out during our 2015 annual summer excavation, discoveries made over more than ten years of excavation and drone footage taken in 2014. 


BBC Television - **UPDATE** - 22/08/06

In addition to Tuesday's broadcast, there will be a further broadcast on "The One Show" on the following day: Wednesday 23rd August between 6:55pm and 7:30pm. This segment will feature footage from the excavation and explanations about the site and its findings. There will also be a live broadcast from the site towards the end of the programme by Dan Snow.

BBC Television Appearance - 22/08/06

As some of you may know, the BBC recently came up to the site to do some filming for a new early evening magazine show. The short segmented hosted by Dan Snow is expected to air on Tuesday 22nd August on the BBC 1 Show called "The One Show". The show runs from 6:55pm - 7:30pm. Unfortunately, we can not give a more exact time, but we hope you will be able to watch it. The programme should prove especially interesting as it has new, as yet unseen arial footage of the site. We will endeavor to get a copy of the segment up on the site to view.

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